Jump start Detroit!

About the film

"Forces To Be Reckoned With" is the first installment in a trilogy of films on the resurrection of Detroit. This film follows a group of six kids who survived the fall of detroit, and go on a journey to transform their home from the metal wasteland it's become, and back into the thriving community they remember it to be. 

I was inspired to write this story after seeing and hearing so much negative feedback on the circumstances detroit found themselves in. Surely there was good in there somewhere and i was determined to find it, and present it in a way that could reach people beyond the city. This is a pivotal time in our country to listen to our youth, put aside differences, and work together. we can learn from the young. 

it's a film that is driven by hope, survival, and resilience. These children see something that the generation before them has given up on. Through the use of their imaginations, they see what their home was and can be again. Then they take action to make it happen.  

This story takes the children on a fantastical journey through the wasteland of detroit and their imaginations, after their city explodes, leaving destruction everywhere. However, there is still hope, because the pieces of the city left inside the kids guide them towards the rebuilding of their fallen home.  We see they are not products of their parent's generation, as they go on a search for the elements that once made up their city. It their imagination that allows them to see the beauty of their futures. Their hope drives them forward. 

Everything around them is made of metal, a consequence of the city's destruction. The farther they go on their journey, the more conflicts that arise, and the more challenging it becomes for them to still see the beauty in all of this mess. but even seeing the place they call home at its worst, they still love it. they still want to make it rise again. Can their hope and determination carry them through, can they handle the responsibility of rebuilding their home. these are the questions they find answers to on their journey. 

An overriding theme in this trilogy of films is how do you rebuild your home, your life, once it's been destroyed. How do you survive. These little warriors show you the bravery and the innocence it takes to start again.  



City Behind the film

Detroit was once the backbone of the middle class, and housed the car industry that really kept the Michigan economy booming. Since the crash of the car industry, its effects have reverberated throughout the Great Lake state, leaving many small towns empty and forcing businesses to shut down. It still can come back, and with this film we're trying to show how that can be done.  This film will be a part of that fight, to help people see different ways in which they can help to rebuild their communities, and ultimately, their lives. 


“But we told him it wouldn’t work anywhere else; our parts were all meant to work together, and it wouldn’t thrive anywhere else.”
— Row, "Everlasting Glory"